Learn Russian online: A ride in marshrutka

A ride in marshrutka

Another ride in the marshrutka – the shuttle mini-bus - is due today – side by side right next to a lovely Russian girl. Let's listen to her incessant requests and demands addressed to her fellow-passengers and learn how to make our own: The marshrutka is a place where you'll have to use your Russian, so it's better to start now!

Today's grammar topic is the imperative: A verb form that helps you to make requests – or demands, if needed.


Девушка: Вы е´дете до университе´та?
Girl: Are you going to the university?
Пассажир маршрутки: Е´дем, е´дем.
A marshrutka passenger: We are, we are.
Девушка: Отли´чно! А прое´зд сто´ит 25 (два´дцать пять)?
Girl: Great! (She gets on board) Does the ride cost 25 rubles?
Пассажир: Да.
Passenger: Yes.
Девушка: А у меня´ то´лько 500 (пятьсо´т). Переда´йте, пожа´луйста.
Girl: And I only have a 500 ruble bill. Pass it along (to the driver), please.
Пассажир: Вот сда´ча.
Passenger: (handing her lots of smaller bills) Here is your change.
Девушка: Как жа´рко сего´дня! А откро´йте, пожа´луйста, окно´.
Girl: How hot it is today! Open the window please.
Пассажир: Пожа´луйста...
Passenger: There you are...
Девушка: Ой, како´й ве´тер, ока´зывается. Закро´йте, пожа´луйста! Бою´сь испо´ртить причё´ску.
Girl: I didn't realize it's so windy. Close it please! I'm afraid to ruin my hairdo.
Пассажир: Что-нибу´дь ещё´? Не стесня´йтесь!
Passenger: Anything else? Don't be shy!


danbeja55 27.01.2014
The main problem is that there is no written pronunciation in the dialog

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