Learn Russian online: How to fix the sink

How to fix the sink

Oh dear, the sink is clogged again. Calling the plumber is the last option in Russia: God knows when he'll finally come and in what condition. That's why our heroes are trying to repair the sink themselves. Let's see how successful they are and what tools they are using.

Using tools is today's grammar topic as well: You'll need the instrumental case to say which instruments you're using – hence its name by the way.


Оля: По-мо´ему, у нас пробле´ма с ра´ковиной.
Olya: I think something is wrong with our sink.
Дима: По-мо´ему, то´же. Дава´й отре´жем вот э´ту шту´ку ножо´м.
Dima: I think so, too. Let's cut off this thingy with the knife.
Оля: Отре´жем? Ты голово´й ду´маешь?
Olya: Cut off? Are you thinking with your head?
Дима: А чего´ тут ду´мать? Сейча´с уда´рю ного´й, всё зарабо´тает.
Dima: What's there to think of? I'll hit it with my foot, and everything will start working.
(The sink floods the premises.)
Дима: Ну и чего´ ты стои´шь? Сро´чно звони´ в ЖЭК!
Dima: Well, why are you standing around? Call the housing office quickly!


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