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Wish Fish

Choosing presents can sometimes be very tricky, especially if you're searching for something suitable for two people who get along with each other like cats and dogs. In such cases, it often looks like only the Golden Fish can help you – one that fulfills all your wishes.

After first appearing in Alexander Pushkin's fairy-tale, this little fish has become a very popular character of Russian culture, popping up in all kinds of jokes and sayings.

In today's grammar, we'll learn Russian constructions with "давай(те)" and "пусть" that express suggestions and proposals such as "Let's do something" or "Let him do it."


Оля: На´до вы´брать пода´рок для Ко´сти и Ма´ши.
Olya: We must choose a present for Kostya and Masha.
Дима: Дава´й пода´рим... щенка´!
Dima: Let's give them… a puppy!
Оля: По-мо´ему, Ма´ша лю´бит ко´шек, а не соба´к. Дава´й лучше ку´пим котё´нка.
Olya: I believe Masha likes cats, and not dogs. Let's buy a kitten.
Дима: Зато´ Ко´стя лю´бит соба´к. Дава´й ку´пим и соба´ку, и ко´шку.
Dima: On the other hand, Kostya likes both cats and dogs. Let's buy both a dog and a cat.
Оля: Ты зн´аешь, они´ и так живу´т как ко´шка с соба´кой.
Olya: You know they fight like cats and dogs anyway.
Дима: Тогда´ дава´й пода´рим Золоту´ю ры´бку. Пусть она´ исполня´ет их жела´ния.
Dima: Then let's give them a "Golden Fish." Let it fulfill their wishes.


Rinat Gilyazetdinov 16.03.2016
xdhaver, try this phrase "Пожалуйста, говорите помедленнее" (Please, speak slowly) and you'll be satisfied :-)
xdhaver 11.01.2014
If only Russians would talk that slowly in real life :)

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